Chrome is updated to version 66. What’s new?

Chrome is updated to version 66. What's new?

Android smartphones are gradually getting a Chrome update. The updated version numbered 66 is released after appearing on the Mac, Windows and Linux. Inside, some design changes and more substantial improvements.

The first update concerns the autoplay of media files on sites. This is possible in three cases, reports 9to5google.

  • If the content does not contain audio or audio is disabled;
  • if users have already interacted with the site during the session;
  • if the user added the site to the desktop of the smartphone.

Also, the updated application learned to export passwords in the corresponding menu. After clicking on the button, the browser will ask you to enter the password or confirm the scan of the fingerprint. Then the user will see a warning that any person who opens the file will be able to recognize his passwords. Only after this combination will be loaded into the csv-format.


Bottom bar “Chrome Home” was replaced with “Chrome Home Duplex”. The toolbar extends from the bottom edge and allows you to open new tabs. Looks update so.


To start, go to the page

chrome: // flags / # enable-chrome-duplex

In the same place, “Chrome Modern Design” with rounded elements and white background is activated.

Chrome is updated to version 66. What's new?

Chrome 66 supports the AudioWorklet API, which will allow developers to programmatically manage audio without additional delay. As a result, this guarantees a higher stability of the outgoing audio signal.

You can discuss the innovations of Chrome 66 in official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

Chrome is updated to version 66. What's new?
Chrome is updated to version 66. What's new?
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