Chessie: “The Team felt that these changes are necessary to increase the chances of getting at the TI”

Former Kerry Complexity Rasmus “Chessie” Blondin shared his thoughts about leaving the team.

“It was a very crazy year with Complexity! Many things happened after I became a team player after TI. It was a very busy schedule with lots of travel, we did not have free time, we moved from timaya in Florida to a new location in Texas.

We have not achieved the results hoped for. TI, I respect that. It’s hard to make decisions. No bad thoughts about this, it’s just a fact. Definitely, I will continue to play DotA, I’m happy with my level of play and as soon as possible.

A big thank you to Jason Lake, Boeuf, Josh and my teammates for a great time. No doubt Complexity one of the best organizations, I am very glad I was part of in recent years. “

Released patch 7.16. A lot of small changes

9pasha and No [o] ne competed for MVP in the finals

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