“Black loggers” will track from space

Scientists from Skolkovo reported on a new development, which will daily monitor forest areas. To this end, it is proposed to use Earth remote sensing technologies.

"Black loggers" will track from space

"Black loggers" will track from space
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According to representatives of the Institute of Applied Geosystems Research, information from satellites will quickly combat theft of forests. This system will be tested in the Leningrad region. There criminals massacred people, the total amount of damage is estimated at two million rubles.

It is reported that foresters can not cope with the active areas of the massifs. According to experts, vegetation is easier to control from space.

A similar project has already been used in the Kirov region and the Perm region. Last year, law enforcement agencies and profile ministries identified more than 10 groups of “black loggers”.

The program was called ParmaGIS. The assessment will be carried out by means of a satellite.

Author: Valeriya Orlova

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