Between House and Aue. Review of the album of the Glory of the CPSU (Purulent) – “Adult dance music”

Between House and Aue. Review of the album of the Glory of the CPSU (Purulent) - "Adult dance music"

Between House and Aue. Review of the album of the Glory of the CPSU (Purulent) - "Adult dance music"Between House and Aue. Review of the album of the Glory of the CPSU (Purulent) – “Adult dance music”. – Image 1

It seems to me, it has long been obvious to everyone that between the rap-rap and ordinary rap – the difference is huge. The first is closer to sport, the second – to art. Succeed in both directions is obtained in units, so you can consider this an exception to the rules. With the new album “Adult dance music” of the iconic battler of Russia – Vyacheslav Karelin (he is the Gnoy, Glory of the CPSU, Valentin Dyadka and Sonia Marmeladova) – all is ambiguous. And that’s why.

After the life of Karelin’s Glory unexpectedly turned into a meme in August, the movement “Anti-Hike” reached the “Culture” TV channel, while Dmitry Bykov froze on the air of “Echo of Moscow”, many suddenly became curious whether the best Russian rapper would be able to release a quality melodic musical release.

The album “The Sun of the Dead” came out in late October and introduced everyone interested in a stupor. A young rebel, cheerfully shouting “izi-izi” in an interview with Dudya and having tasted curd cheese earlier, recorded 10 depressive and unyielding songs with carefully thought-out lyrics.

The people waited for Slava entertainment, and received an abstruse work of art. A few weeks later, few people remembered the “Sun of the Dead”.

Given the context, I want to look at “Adult Dance Music” not as a continuation of his previous album “Children’s Dance Music”, but as a statement on the sick theme of popularity in music. Judge for yourself. The main elements of the new album are ubiquitous and eerily monotonous housebats and a pronounced criminal bias in a number of songs – “Criminal Russia” (“Russian, Dance, Poverty, Crime: Dance Funny as a Drunk Deputy”), “Olympos” (“The Boy in Olympos knows for naly.Mutitsya coin almost without crime “) and” Fartomet 2002 “(” Nefartovym boys are not happy that the zone that the cool party “).

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Do not you remember anything? Today every second Russian pop-rap song in the chart tops is recorded with the addition of a straight barrel (Aljey, Feduk, GAZIROVKA, MATRANG). In turn, thanks to the album “BW” Krovostok, during the past two weeks, violent criminal stories have burst into our lives, of which everything seems to say, from Canobu to Dudia. The glory of the CPSU, using its album as a mirror, pushed the people to the forehead with what he is listening to today, as if saying: “Do not you like my music? Look, you listen. “

If I’m right, then the concept of the album looks exciting, because in this case the songs were written down intentionally simply and it makes sense to force myself to break through nine places funny, sometimes witty, but generally dull tracks of “Adult Dance Music”. If I’m wrong or you are too lazy to get this experience, then you do not have to force yourself. You can, of course, listen to “funny”, then to send a friend a track “Heifers, snacks, alcohol” with the words: “Here at the Gnoynoy the song came out with the line” You are so hot, your mini Bishkek “, but this is according to the content is comparable to the vidos of the shortest interview.

Some compositions try to play on the contrast between the melody and the meaning, because the house is usually accompanied by fun in the spirit of a party-alcohol-instagram, and not “Fartu masti aye, aye, aye” (“Fartomet 2002”). Sometimes it slips into an open banality, as in “Forgetting” with Julia Boyko:

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“On the cigarette in the smoking room.

We are like in the Soviet “Murzilka”.

Such stupid beasts (yellow) –

We love and then we want death (die). “

In any case, we are waiting for the next album from Slava, but for now, better listen to the new release of Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer.


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