Best free games of the week

Talk about the game updates in the App Store.

Best free games of the week

Baseball Nine

Cute baseball simulation in cartoon style. Nine Baseball is different from other similar projects in the simplistic gameplay. This follows all the rules of the sport.

The outcome of the match affects every member of the team, for each of them you can buy special gear. Also each can be pumped, giving him certain skills.

Best free games of the weekDownload Baseball Nine

Faraway 3

The third part of the beautiful and meditative quest. The game tells the story of the search for the main character of his father, which lasts for several years.

Gameplay revolves around traveling and solving complex and unusual puzzles. The user will have to go through 18 churches, each of which hides its mysteries.

Best free games of the weekDownload Faraway 3

BattleHand Heroes

After the crazy success of Hearthstone in the App Store there were hundreds of clones and counterparts. Some of them began to turn into hybrids, combining a fighting game with cards. The genre of card strategies presented in the app is very widespread, but this does not mean that there is room for new solutions. One of these is BattleHand Heroes is an excellent RPG with Board game elements and fighting game, which became extremely popular in the West immediately after launch. Of course the game retains all the elements of classic RPGs: leveling and character, the production of new weapons and adventure

Best free games of the weekDownload BattleHand Heroes

Deploy and Destroy: Ash vs Evil Dead

Another online shooter, reminiscent of projects and Shadowgun Gameloft. The game was created by the developer, with no additional funding and made with the soul, not in order to hit the jackpot on advertising and inadequate in-app purchases. The creators of Deploy And Destroy. A variety of maps of familiar characters from popular movies, constantly maintain momentum in the process of battles and much more. If all the other shooters are tired or are unable to inspire, it should at least give a chance to Deploy and Destroy.

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Best free games of the weekDownload Deploy and Destroy

Blade Reborn

Excellent Thriller in the genre of “slasher” visually reminiscent of the notorious Diablo 3. Blade Reborn is a great example of a little-known but beautiful and addictive game. Gameplay is built around the search for a different sort of prey. Her Blade Reborn a lot. All sorts of weapons and armor. The essence is to ensure find, as much as possible and equip your hero as best you can. And after that you can send on the online battlefield, where the need to participate in a large-scale massacre 25 for 25 people or team up with a group of other players to kill a couple bosses. In General, the classical clone of Diablo, which absorbed all the best ideas.

Best free games of the week

Download Blade Reborn

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