As I joined the ranks of the unscrupulous daughters-in-law

As I joined the ranks of the unscrupulous daughters-in-law

We gathered with my husband on vacation. We have two children, they especially do not rest. We decided then to bring the nanny. The terms were simple: we were flying for 10 days, babysitter 3 days in person, 7 days a nanny with children, provision of needs – with us, within reasonable limits, of course. Children are not little – 7 and 10 years.

We began to look for a suitable candidate: someone from work to escape could not, someone’s child is sick. Prior to departure, there was not enough time. We really do not want to bring another person, and the husband is offered to take his mom.

We explain to the mother in law the conditions on which we take her with us. Mother-in-law, our proposal is very pleased:

– Oh, what you done. Of course, I agree. And their grandchildren will spend, and the world see old age.

We were not the same as the mother of the woman, I thought.

Was the fifth day of our stay, we in-law crawled on the local market, while her husband was with the kids on the tour, he decided to replace his mother. We tried on a bunch of sundresses, Sari and scarves.

Fingered earrings, necklaces and rings, dressed up and laughing. I thought we had a good time. Not knowing the language, we decided not to buy anything in order not to be deceived. But I have noticed all that fancy, mother-in-law.

On the seventh day of our holiday, this was my last “childless” day, my husband went to the market. I bought a bunch of stuff – something for yourself, something for gifts and Souvenirs, I also bought a sundress, one of those that we have measured-in-law.

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About it have not forgotten – I bought her a package: a pair of sundresses, saris, some handkerchiefs and two pairs of earrings. It was my eyes during our hike.

New dress I wore once – I could not resist. My husband and I, satisfied with the shopping, went back to the hotel. Mother-in-law with kids just had dinner. Seeing me in a new dress, its already warped with anger. She jumped up and started screaming:

– Do not you ashamed? Getting fat at the expense of my son! Dressed like a fallen woman! I’m completely exhausted with my kids, shameless!

I just was stunned by her screams. I felt so sad, eyes filled with tears, I took the kids and went up to the room.

Husband shamed her mother, she started screaming at him already. She cried, I sat on her neck of her husband, came all in new clothes and looked at her triumphant look. And she, poor woman, exhausted in addition to.

The husband put before her the shopping bag that we bought for her:

– Here, Kate bought you as a gift. You’re being unfair. See you Thursday at 8 am here, do not be late. Here is the money, happy holiday.

The husband went up to my room and apologized for her mother. The remaining time we had with children.

On the way to the airport and during the flight, the mother-in-law never said a word to me, did not even say Hello. On arrival home, I ruined her vacation.

After this, they and my husband were going on holiday. But since I have no conscience, I swung at her children and walked squandered money.

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Here, just kind of soured our relationship, and I joined the ranks of the unscrupulous daughters-in-law.


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