Artificial intelligence has been taught to recognize people by their gait

LONDON, May 30th. / TASS /. Scientists from the University of Manchester together with colleagues from the Spanish Autonomous University of Madrid have developed a system for automatic identification of a person by his walk with the help of artificial intelligence. This is reported on the website of the British educational institution.

To do this, researchers collected the world’s largest database of people’s walk, which included about 20 thousand records of foot movements 127 people made with special floor sensors and cameras with high resolution.

"At any person at walking it is possible to distinguish about 24 various features and movements, so everyone has its own unique gait. Thus, the tracking of these movements can be used, like fingerprints or scanning the retina, to clearly establish or confirm a person’s identity", – explained the employee of the University of Manchester Omar Castilla Reyes.

The results of testing the new system showed that artificial intelligence correctly recognized a person in almost 100% of cases. The authors of the development offer to use it at airports when passing control. According to them, the technology has an advantage over existing ones, such as scanning fingerprints or retina, since it is enough for a person to simply walk along a special sensory path.

Another possible area of ​​application is medicine. Experts note that gait changes are often associated with neurodegenerative diseases, so artificial intelligence can be used for their early detection.

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