Apple Watch saved the life of a 76-year-old Japanese

Recently, Apple Watch once again saved a person’s life. The gadget sent Gaston D’Aquino to the hospital after finding out he had heart problems. This is reported by Cult of Mac.

Apple Watch saved the life of a 76-year-old Japanese

Despite D’Aquino’s good mood and well-being, two of his three coronary arteries were clogged, and the remainder functioned only by ten percent.

Gaston was in a church in Hong Kong, when the Apple Watch received a notification of a sudden increase in heart rate:

“I used to read about these cases, so I knew that everything was serious,” he said. “It was a clear signal, not an ambiguous one. The clock reported that I have an increased heart rate. “

Arriving at the hospital, Gaston D’Aquino turned to the doctor. He said that he did not know what exactly came to the hospital, but it was advised to make a smart clock. When asked about the state of health, the patient replied that everything was fine, but the diagnosis showed quite the opposite.

Now D’Akinot tries not to part with his Apple Watch. In his opinion, one of the main features of watches is that they are always on hand, no matter what happens. And they always follow everything they need.

The victim even received an email from Tim Cook. In it, the head of Apple expressed gratitude for the story told and wished Gaston a speedy recovery. According to him, it is these situations that motivate further work.

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