Apple has issued full rights to the Shazam trademark

Apple completed four applications for the logo and the textual writing of Shazam, which regulate the mention of the brand in various spheres: from augmented reality to CarPlay, reports Patently Apple.

Apple has issued full rights to the Shazam trademark

The effect of copyrights extends to photos, video, audio and music content, computer games and programs that include music puzzles, user interfaces in cars and various multimedia spaces, including augmented reality objects.

You can not post both the logo and the text writing of Shazam without consulting with Apple in instant messengers, on television and on the Internet, especially in social networks.

The scope of copyright is quite extensive and describes a variety of situations.

It seems that Apple has high hopes for the recognition service for music, which it acquired in late 2017 for almost $ 400 million.

The proliferation of patents on new and modern areas of activity may indicate that Shazam is soon in for serious changes. Perhaps the service is being transformed. in something more than everyone is used to thinking.

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