Apple can put PC games on iPhone

Steam Link still has a chance to appear in the App store.

Apple can put PC games on iPhone

Last week Apple rejected the application to add in the App store free app Steam Link, refusing to let its platform game for PC. However, as it turned out, the decision has not got a chance to get to the iPhone.

Many avid gamers have been openly disappointed by the decision of the Valve to the App store. So disappointed that they even began to write angry letters to high-ranking employees of the company, and one of these letters came from official response.

Apple can put PC games on iPhone

Disgruntled fans of gaming, said the senior Vice President of Apple Phil Schiller, who clarified the situation and has reassured the fans of PC games. As it turned out, the company has only banned the current version of the app.

But at the same time, the company continues to cooperate with the Valve and helps it to understand the limitations and prohibitions of the App store. So if in the future, the iPhone will be able to get on their smart phones.

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