Apple blocks updates Telegram in the App Store from the middle of April

Developers Telegram for a month and a half do not update the messenger on the iPhone, and now we know the real reason. It turns out that new versions are not missing in the App Store on the initiative of Apple.

What happened?

Telegram released an update, taking into account the new rules for processing personal data in Europe (the same regulation of the GDPR, which caused a wave of letters about changes in the privacy policy of services). The messenger team reported that Android users can already download it, while Apple has blocked any updates to iOS applications from around the world since mid-April. The current version was released in March.

Apparently, Apple immediately reacted to the decision to ban Telegram in Russia in order to avoid problems with Roskomnadzor. Recently, the agency threatened to restrict the work of the App Store and other services, if the company refuses to remove the messenger from its online store.

It’s unclear just why Telegram updates stopped publishing on a global level. In Cupertino could well be limited to the Russian App Store. For example, in China, Apple quickly blocks applications at the request of the local government, without affecting other countries.

While Telegram is available for download both in the App Store and in Google Play, but for how long? While on Android devices, locks are not much help – the operating system makes it relatively easy to install the application from other sources.

Telegram and GDPR

Messenger also announced the launch of the bot @ GDPRbot, through which you can contact the specialists of Telegram to protect information and request a copy of their data. The tool for uploading the archive itself is not yet available, but it is promised to add it in the near future.

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