Android News # 162: Google I / O 2018, the truly frameless smartphone Lenovo and the sunset ZTE

We bring to your attention the 162nd issue of our weekly project “Android News”! Today in the issue we will talk about Google I / O 2018, the frameless smartphone Lenovo and much more. Below with the same news you can see in the traditional text format.

Google I / O 2018 presentation summary

Google held a presentation of I / O 2018. This time they managed to surprise with a huge number of useful and interesting functions. Gmail, Photos, Google Now, P, Adaptive Battery and much more. However, about everything in order.

The presentation began with the fact that Sundar Pichai appeared on the stage and immediately started with the emotions. He touched on the past problems with drawing emoji burger and beer:

Android News # 162: Google I / O 2018, the truly frameless smartphone Lenovo and the sunset ZTE

Then we talked about artificial intelligence. In general, the whole presentation is devoted to the integration of AI with all of the company’s services. And if last year the talks about AI were just conversations, today the company shows all its new developments in practice.


Sundar started with medicine. The company provided medical centers with AI systems, with the help of which it became possible to predict various cardiovascular diseases. Next, we showed a function that divides speech into dialogs. Artificial intelligence analyzes the speech of interlocutors and automatically breaks it into the dialogues of each of the participants in the conversation.


Have not left without attention and Gmail. This month, the service will please users with autocomplete phrases. This will significantly speed up the process of writing letters.

A photo

Several new features have appeared in the Photos app. Now the photo with the document can be converted to PDF, while the position on which the camera was at the time of shooting is unimportant, the AI ​​automatically corrects the perspective of the document and converts it to PDF. Another nice feature was the coloring of black and white photography – for this is also responsible for AI.

Google Now

At the presentation, the TPU 3.0 chipset was presented, after which the question turned to the Assistant. In the settings of the application, users in the United States will have the opportunity to activate the voice of John Legend. In addition, now it will not be necessary to say the phrase “Okay, Google” every time, just say it one time before the conversation begins. From pleasant innovations – Assistant will now reward users with a pleasant word if they hear polite treatment. Another interesting feature related to the Assistant is integration with navigation in Google Maps.

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Now the most important thing. If you ask the Assistant to remind, for example, about a haircut tomorrow at 10 am, the Assistant himself in the background will call the barbershop and begin to communicate with the employee of the institution in order to reserve the date and time of the visit. This function made a strong impression on the audience – the room was delighted.

Fighting addiction

This is a kind of panel that displays statistics on the time of using the gadget. If you use the device for a long time, the system will offer to complete the operation of the gadget, thereby trying to prevent the development of dependence. Many people have written about this problem before, and Google is the only company that has seriously thought about it. For example, in an application YouTube notifications “Time to take a break” will appear. The company also showed the function Family Link, with the help of it you can limit the use of the device by the child.

Google News

A couple of words worth mentioning about the Google News app News. Now Google news is done in Material Design 2.0, and the news itself is selected on the basis of AI taking into account the interests of the user. Google News is available today to iOS and Android owners, a web version is also available.

Adaptive Battery

Android News # 162: Google I / O 2018, the truly frameless smartphone Lenovo and the sunset ZTE

It analyzes the use of the device and disconnects uninteresting services on the basis of the AI, thereby reducing the CPU and memory load.

Adaptive brightness control with AI support

Users will no longer encounter the need to constantly change the position of the auto brightness slider, the artificial intelligence will analyze the slider movements depending on the illumination and choose the optimal brightness for a particular user in different scenes.

App Actions

It adds cards to the application menu that are adapted to use the device. If you plug in headphones, a card will be displayed with the ability to quickly jump to the songs of your favorite artist.


Familiar to all navigation buttons in the past – they will be replaced by more convenient gestures. Swipe up – call the list of running applications. Swipe to the right on the navigation bar – fast switching between applications with the help of a scrollbar.

Shush and Wind

The Shush function activates the Do Not Disturb mode if you turn the device face down. Wind is an even more interesting feature. Many are faced with the inability to abandon the use of a smartphone at night. For them, and coined by Wind. When it’s time to fall asleep, the smartphone automatically converts the picture on the screen from color to black and white. Content on a black and white screen is perceived difficult, the user in this case refuses to use the device in favor of a healthy sleep.

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AR + Maps

Augmented reality appeared on Google Maps. We set the destination, point the camera to the road and look at the signs. In addition, if you go past the shops, pointing the camera at one of them, the screen displays information on it.

Google Lens

You can select text in a photo. There is an integration with the Assistant. That is, highlighting a text, the Assistant will find information on it.

Supported smartphones

Well, now the most important thing. Android P Beta will receive the following smartphones:

  • Essential Phone
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Nokia 7 plus
  • OPPO R15 Pro
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Vivo X21UD
  • Vivo X21
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  • OnePlus 6th

ZTE turns off sales of branded smartphones

Chinese company ZTE suspends sales of its smartphones for an indefinite period, Reuters reports citing sources. The reason was the ban by US authorities on the sale of branded equipment on the territory of the country. The manufacturer’s products have already begun to disappear from the assortment of large online sites like Taobao and ZTE’s corporate online store.

According to representatives of ZTE, at the moment the company has enough money to stay afloat, fulfilling all its obligations, for some time. During this period, ZTE lawyers are counting on negotiating with the US authorities to reduce the ban on the sale of smartphones, as well as the right to cooperate with US companies.

The reason why ZTE smartphones disappear from stores around the world is directly related to the ban on the use of components manufactured by companies from the United States. The corresponding taboo limits the right of American enterprises to cooperate with actors on the US government’s sanctions list.

Published the first image of the Galaxy Note: 9

Galaxy Note: 9 with a high degree of probability will look exactly the same as the model of the current generation. This is indicated by a renderer confirming the appearance of the future smartphone, which was published by a famous insider with a nickname Ice Universe on your Twitter page.

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According to Ice Universe, this year Samsung decided to do without rethinking the line of flagship smartphones, paying more attention to available models. Galaxy Note: 9, like Galaxy S9, will receive an “iron” upgrade, while its appearance will remain practically unchanged.

Most likely, Samsung Electronics will “pack” Galaxy Note: 9 into a body made of a stronger and thicker glass to increase its impact resistance, making it a little narrower and shorter – for more grip. Similarly, the manufacturer entered into the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +.

According to the data of synthetic tests, Galaxy Note: 9 will be one of the most productive solutions in its class. The smartphone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9815 processor depending on the region of supply, 8 GB of RAM and a dual camera with Live function Photo.

Lenovo CEO showed a truly frameless smartphone

The Chinese company Lenovo, which has not announced itself for a long time in the mobile devices market, is preparing for release a smartphone with a truly frameless display. This confirms the teaser, which demonstrates part of the body of the future novelty, which the general director of the company published in the social network Weibo.

The upcoming gadget will be the first commercial freemason, warns the top manager. When it was produced, it was decided not to go for half measures, as competitors do. 95% of the front panel of the smartphone will occupy the display, under and above which there will be no room for protrusions, chins and cutouts.

If, while making such a statement, Lenovo’s CEO did not sneer, we can assume that the new offspring of the company will be largely similar to Viva’s Apex concept phone. Its display also occupies the entire front panel of the smartphone, leaving no room even for the front camera. She, like a periscope, leaves the upper butt.

Considering how much work will be spent on developing such a smartphone, there is every reason to believe that its hardware filling will be at the highest level. Most likely, the device will be equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 6/8 GB of RAM and – in order to follow the trends – a dual camera with optical zoom.

Android News # 162: Google I / O 2018, the truly frameless smartphone Lenovo and the sunset ZTE


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