Amazon solve the main problem of online clothing

Amazon solve the main problem of online clothing

Online store Amazon has been developing a virtual fitting room that will help buyers to order the right size of clothing. Showing a man how it will sit down or lose the number of returns.

Amazon study how to vary the form of the human body. According to sources, The Wall Street Journal, the company invites to the new York office of the enthusiasts who are the survey and the procedure of 3D-scanning. According to one participant, the Amazon is interested in how much to change their weight and the physical form of the last year, and if they have any plans to lose weight. Those who passed the selection will be for 30 minutes a day for two weeks.

Virtual fitting room deals Amazon new Department, formed after the purchase of the startup Body Labs in October. This company has developed a technology that captures the man from several angles and creates a realistic 3D model of his body, which is superimposed on virtual clothes. The amount of the transaction is estimated at $ 70-100 million.

Developments Body Labs can be used in games and augmented reality apps. For example, customers of the online store Amazon can b "mirror" and employees of the fashion industry.

Last spring the company introduced a smart camera Echo Look, which evaluates the appearance of the user and gives hints along what kind you should prefer. Style Check, engages machine learning algorithms, takes into account the modern trends in fashion, color and style.

Amazon solve the main problem of online clothing

If the user can not decide which outfits it looks better, it can do the two pictures and then Look. In addition to artificial intelligence, participating in assessments taking and professional stylists. In US the camera sells for $ 200.

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