Aghanimy, which we have been waiting for so long

For the past three months, the mini-patch system has been running in the DotA every two weeks – and during this time the developers did not add or change a single Aganim. The topic is extremely interesting, because with the new Aganimi, new mechanics often come into play. We have gathered for you several ideas from the reddit of new scepters for developers from players. We warn, most of them are openly imbalanced.


“And what if I give him a permanent form with Aganim at night? Technically, he is a werewolf, which means that at night he must turn into a wolf! “Suggested the user Infinity_Overload. In the comments, of course, his idea was called imbalanced. Together, the fictional Aganim weakened so: at night, Lycan passively has 550 speeds of movement and a chance of critical damage weakened by half. Naturally, Lycan can push the ability to get full strength for a while.


The richest in the version of the hero. Moreover, they even look balanced. So, here’s the list of suggestions:

  • Make a baser aura with a half-reduced chance. Bash will have a cooldown.
  • Slithereen Crush (Slardar’s second ability) hangs Corrosive Haze on all enemies.
  • Make Sprint aura.
  • The units on which Corrosive Haze hangs leave a trail behind them. Slardar under Sprint receives bonuses from the water, moving along this trail.


The topic itself began with a simple but absolutely meaningless idea to make Aganim like an old one who gave a tree with an unlimited number of strokes. However, another sentence appeared in the comments. Do so that instead of a tree Tiny could take … an enemy!

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Aghanimy, which we have been waiting for so long

Of course, in this case, you need to make a time limit and strictly limit this bacchanalia 2-3 blows.

Templar Assassin

The idea is as follows: Aganim gives her +3 Refraction and the ability to use this skill on allies. Such an Aganim, according to the author, will have a good synergy with her talents and give her an additional option in the game – to be an assistant for her teammates. Yes, this is not the item that I would like to take on kerry, but it worked with Viver.


If the hero kills during the action of Haunt, then within 10 seconds the ability can be reapplied. Yes, overpowered, yes, there is a chance that she will kill five in a non-contact fight. But Aganim is a whole slot, and Spectrum needs survival; will have to choose between Aganim and a useful slot. And still looks very cool on paper.

A more adequate version appeared in the next topic: Spectral Dagger creates an illusion with which you can change places. There is a third option – to give the first ability to apply to everyone in AOE 700 and increase damage by 100.

Era Aganimov left?

A wave of posts about fictitious Aganimah raised another urgent issue. With the introduction of talents and an increased pace of the game, the heroes can not afford the item for 4200 gold, which gives so little. For this reason, for example, Invoker and KotL left the meta. There is an opinion that the era of Aganami is coming to an end; heroes, who collect Aganimy, we see less and less. And no matter how many Aganovs were offered, Icefrog (in some cases it will be for the best) will treat them like this:

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Offer your version of the Aghanimov to the heroes in the comments!


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