Adekvat: “Pain, OG, Complexity and Flytomoon are the obvious nominees for the departure from the major”

Studio commentator RuHub Rustam “Adekvat” Mavlyutov shared his expectations from the performances of the teams on the major EPICENTER XL.

About outsiders

“PaiN, OG – group B. Explicit nominees for departure. And both teams have the same problem – unresolved issues with the midshipman.

Complexity, FTM – group A. Col lost leader Kyle, now they lose everything in their region. FTM – a clear decline for a month after the triumph in the shots on SLTV.

* Empire as a minimum should bypass FTM in a personal meeting (it was already). Na’Vi may well pass OG in the current state. “

About Favorites

“VP, Secret – group B. Newbee could also fit into the fight for the top playoff grid, but the latest games on the DAC 2018 and home selections call into question its readiness.

Mineski, LGD – group A. It is not necessary to explain much, top1&2 of last major. Why not Liquid? They better ask what has been the motivation of late. “

About the format of the group stage

“Bo3 and robin round – the best that can happen with the group stage of the major. Of course, after the Bo3 Swiss. “

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