Academician Ilkaev was awarded by the government for military development

Academician Ilkaev was awarded by the government for military developmentRadium Ilkaev. Archive photo

MOSCOW, may 6 – RIA Novosti. Eminent nuclear scientist, an honorary scientific director of the Federal Nuclear Center, the All-Russian scientific research institute of experimental physics (RFNC-VNIIEF, Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region), academician Radiy Ilkaev was awarded the honorary diploma of the RF government.

Academician Ilkaev was awarded by the government for military development

Physics of MEPhI synthesized material for radioactive waste disposal

As published on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ilkaev was awarded for great personal contribution to the strengthening of the country’s defense capability and many years of fruitful work.

Radium I. Ilkaev (born 1938) works in the Sarov nuclear center in 1961. He went from a budding scientist to the Director of RFNC-VNIIEF. Ilkaev has made an enormous contribution to the development of nuclear weapons.

The main works of the academician ilkaeva, through the creation of the Soviet Union, nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, to relieve to the development of the primary sources of thermonuclear weapons, of a nuclear explosion.

Academician Ilkaev was awarded by the government for military developmentChemists from Russia found "Isle of superconductivity" in the periodic table

Radium Ilkaev plays an outstanding role in the formation of the modern scientific image of RFNC-VNIIEF. Under his supervision there was created a modern methodology for support of the nuclear ammunition of Russia, ensuring efficiency, reliability and safety of nuclear weapons, created unique physico-mathematical and experimental systems.

Scientific and technological achievements of the Radium Ilkaev to strengthen the national security of the three states prizes, gratitude of the President of Russia, the RF government, the order "For services to the Fatherland" II and III degree, the medal of Honor.

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RFNC-VNIIEF was founded in 1946 to implement the Soviet atomic project. Here was developed the first Soviet atomic and hydrogen bomb.

Currently, VNIIEF is the largest scientific-technical center of Russia, which successfully solves defense, scientific and economic problems. The main task of the Institute was the remains of nuclear weapons.


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