A review of the cocaine album Pusha-T – DAYTONA

A review of the cocaine album Pusha-T - DAYTONAA review of the cocaine album Pusha-T – DAYTONA. – Image 1

Before us, seven ounces of concentrated street rap of the highest quality, written by former drug dealer. In the tracks Pusha-T clearly explains that the drug dealers are “ex” are not. If anything, the “Canobie” strictly against any drugs. Sugar in particular.

For those who do not know, explain the context. Pusha-T, less known as Terrence Thornton is a respected rapper from Virginia, made in the nineties a lot to make the surreal ending of the game. Virginia has got the usual condition of the local people.

As Jay-Z, Terrence had time to get off the career arcolectric leading straight into the Slammer, and began to appropriate its summary-started rapping. Yes, so successful that the Duo Clipse, formed with the brother of No Malice and with the support of Pharrell Williams, has released several albums, which later became a cult – Lord Willin ‘and Hell Hath No Fury, for example. Most likely and technically speaking about the intricacies of his former casual earnings, Pusha-T has built an excellent background for further his solo career.

Today the rapper is recording solo albums under the auspices of another iconic producer – Kanye West, and in 2015 even became the President of his highly successful record label, G. O. O. D. Music. New album Pusha-T fans of street rap has been 2014 years, and what was supposed to be called King Push, and finally last week I went under the name DAYTONA is an album of seven tracks, fully produced by Mr. West.

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On the cover – bathroom late Whitney Houston in which the singer. The songs – nostalgic and meticulous description of the drug business. Its main asset is the past – Terrence in the texts cleverly uses the move to track If You Know You Know (“If you know, you know”) giving themed insides. The information is so “authentic, that they are still observing him with the eye” and this is why the rapper is “hiding in plain sight”.

Pusha-T must stand for exhibition a protective glass, because it is original and this is what is it, his music is strong, which is so lacking in everyday life, and in art in General is worth its weight in gold.

“It’s not conscious, and for monsters, born in the dirt”

Music album – minimalistic, rough looped beats, the melody which give samples of old soul songs. Kanye West, as a master of sampling, was made all the time, my name was My Instrument.

DAYTONA turned out to be a niche, as expected, and must be bored with the old school. It should be noted that, for a full understanding of the tracks, you need to read texts like “Ulysses” of Joyce with a progressive appeal to the review of the portal to Genius. It’s very unlikely that you know the relationship between the mafia Big Meech, tigers and elephants. Others can use the collection of wisdom on all occasions. Here’s three examples:

– Push me here on instagram like one girl …

– Never trust a bitch, fell in love with the camera. She’s gonna sleep with you, then turn around and sleep with the janitor. Install options: you are either in a professional League or an Amateur. (Hard Piano)

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– Push, I want to be as successful as you!

– You see those diamonds on the front side of the watch? All this shit has come under pressure. (Come Back Baby).

– Push, when the “Canobie” finally will hold a redesign?

– (speaking on behalf of the website). What the hell did you expect when he wears a superhero? Cape and he’s great! (The Games we Play)

A review of the cocaine album Pusha-T - DAYTONAA review of the cocaine album Pusha-T – DAYTONA. – Image 2

DAYTONA – the first of a series of albums written under the leadership of Kanye West in the luxury resort town of Wyoming – Amangani Resort. Four records will be released in the following order: solo West, his Duo with kid Cudi, solo, NASA and Taani Taylor. Of course, we all (or almost all) traceserver!

Listen To Pusha-T – DAYTONA:


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