A free road. How will self-driving car from Apple

Apple signed a contract with the German concern of Volkswagen on the development of an unmanned vehicle. Will the “automotive version of the iPhone” and is likely to be able to solve the problem of safety of passengers and other road users

For several years Apple has plans to create its own electric self-driving car. It seems that the dream can become a reality: Apple has signed a contract with Volkswagen to develop a prototype self-driving cars for their employees, reports the New York Times.

The newspaper said that the data on its sources in the company Corporation will develop on the basis of van T6 Transporter unmanned Shuttle for employees. Representatives of the American electronics manufacturer, declined to comment on the deal, but it is hoped that

A free road. How will self-driving car from Apple

Apple initially planned to self-develop the space Shuttle, which could transport workers in different offices in Cupertino. Subsequently, however, ambitions had to become aware of the dismissal of some. Apple employees engaged in the development of the autopilot, and in August 2017 Tim Cook told Bloomberg that the company is now “focused on Autonomous systems. “

However, this does not mean cessation of work on the project: in April 2017, Apple received a permit to test vehicles equipped with autopilot, from the State Department of automobile transportation. By the way, the list of companies that received permission in 2018. Besides Apple there are 53 organizations. Apple owns 55 of 409 drone was in California. More than just a General Motors Car cruise. Apparently, to optimize the number of prototypes in Cupertino began to look for partners from the automotive industry, specializing in the creation of vehicles.

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Apple alien alarmist sentiments. Once owned by Uber drone Volvo SUV knocked down a man Tempe, Arizona March 19, 2018, moving autonomously from the driver-test, many are talking about the ethics of robotics, and even began to predict the collapse of the entire industry. But in the “Apple” of the Corporation and did not think about the folding direction.

Experiments and search

In 2014, Apple launched its car project Titan or T172. At the time, Apple planned to build a sort of automotive version of the iPhone. To do this, the company has hired programmers of automotive engineers and a team of industrial designers, putting on the head of the head of the design of Apple’s Jonathan Ive. They have developed a number of innovative concepts, including tools, augmented reality and holographic displays, integrated into windscreens and Windows, roofing with special resin. The New York Times writes that Apple has a car with four seats, located opposite each other.

Faced with the challenges of the creation of the perfect iCar, at the end of 2015, Apple has bought two Lexus SUV and hired a firm number of domain names, including, and The Sources Of The New York Times reported that Apple is considered the possibility of working on a project with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, however, corporations could not agree, because Apple wanted to have the opportunity to design a new electric car.

BMW was the first in the list Apple: many company executives, including chief Executive Tim cook, prefer the cars of this brand. Tim having the greatest interest in the electric car BMW production process. But the negotiations are obviously at an impasse, because both companies wanted to control the development of the project.

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The choice fell on Apple Mercedes-Benz. Their joint project was code-named “Bruce” writes AppleInsider. The company was negotiated the partnership more than a year, but they were not successful. Apple representatives also met with Nissan in Japan, BYD Auto in China and McLaren in the UK. None of these meetings did not lead to a transaction, either because the automaker did not want to relinquish control over Apple, or Apple was made for the status of the more privileged partner.

The deal with Volkswagen was not disclosed, but apparently, the automaker went to the conditions of Cupertino. When the first iCar will appear on the roads is unknown. The WSJ reports that Apple wants to make it to 2019. If technical developments have reached the required level, then the only thing you need to consider is design and integrate all this into the selected model Volkswagen. And if all goes according to plan, they can make it.

Previously, Apple has released the software package CarPlay, which can be installed in a multimedia system of the car. After you connect your iPhone via Bluetooth, on screen multimedia system you can use all the iPhone functions: navigation, phone calls, messengers, and also run video or music.


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