A court in Egypt has been ordered the authorities temporarily to block YouTube

The Supreme Administrative Court of Egypt upheld the lower court decision and ruled to temporarily block broadcasts YouTube for the publication of the movie.

As reported by the newspaper Al-Ahram, the court’s decision obliges the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Egypt to block a popular video for a period of one month.

Then the well-known attorney Hamed Salem after numerous protests and riots that provoked the controversial 13-minute video "Innocence of Muslims" about the prophet Muhammad, filed a lawsuit. The lawyer made the accusation that these movies "distort the image of religion and the prophet in children’s minds". In February 2013, the court was ordered to block YouTube, but the Ministry of Communications appealed, citing the fact that to implement the decision difficult.

The film "Innocence of Muslims" was filmed in the USA in 2012. For "promotion" the film-entities used YouTube. The tape has led to riots in the Muslim world, including to a four-day clashes in Cairo outside the U.S. Embassy. In Russia the film is also banned.

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