8 revolutionary ideas in games that did not live before the release

Mechanics that we will never see.

The development of video games is a complicated process, and most of the developers are real dreamers. In the creative minds of these people, the mechanics and ideas that would really turn out the idea of ​​video games.

But a flight of fancy is often in the form of tight deadlines, limited funding, technical problems, fruitless disputes with the more mundane colleagues and partners, and so on. As a result, some of the game mechanics never get to release, despite his visionary lineage.

It is not always critical, but it is known how to get rid of the imagination of the developers to open up fully. The portal WhatCulture for us. 8 examples of game mechanics that we never saw. Gymbox shares this list with you.

Light and darkness in Dark Souls 2

A series of Dark Souls fame is not the easiest, to put it mildly, games. Still this title remember the good word (and sometimes not) in the case where something has to trichardt. However, these games could be even more hardcore if, in Dark Souls 2 he caught a lighting system that would force players to periodically choose between torch and shield, because some locations were deliberately plunged into darkness.

This imposes an additional factor in the allocation of weapons and strategies, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty level. But the developer surplus. Unfortunately, in this case. All due to the graphics downscale that “it brightened” all the dark areas, and it does not come out.

Mechanic in GTA V

Not to say that addition to the game the opportunity to become a mechanic is a really innovative idea, but it would have added to the game even more details. Although it would seem, much much more GTA V is a real monster in the industry, if we talk about the development and flexibility of gameplay.

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According to the authors, you could be a mechanic that would allow you to touch the car, hack the security system and alarm, and to work with different materials. An example is cutting the holes in the glass that can be used with the banal stealing a car and robbing a Bank, for example.

Why the mechanic never made it to GTA V before the end is not clear, but experienced players realize that it’s pretty much affect the gameplay, especially in GTA Online.

Bounty hunters and Prey 2

If you think about it, game development has never been offered us a game completely devoted to the bounty hunters, but it’s such fertile ground. Recall, a great anime “Cowboy Bebop” from the Director of Sinitiro Watanabe. Do you want to be in the same environment?

I think that those who were in the middle of this world, I think that those who were in the middle of the world, Instead, we got the Prey in 2017, but that’s another story.

Side by side with dragons and Scalebound

8 revolutionary ideas in games that did not live before the release

In video games you can find quite a lot of dragons. This is not surprising. It is one thing to fight dragons, and another to be with them. This was attractive Scalebound, and many are disappointed by the fact that the game never saw the light.

Personal bonfires in Dark Souls 3

As you know, the bonfires in the Dark Souls games are the place where you can finally exclude after a challenging battle to treat wounds, restock. The correct location of the fires on the map affect the balance, and that balance is for, for example, the first part in the series.

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This may seem like a strange decision, but there were rumors that FromSoftware was thinking to give the opportunity to kindle fires, thus creating custom checkpoints. Well, it’s hard to say for sure, it will be changed to Dark Souls 3, but definitely would have a huge impact on gameplay.

Isometric MMO, or the original Fallout 3

Now, the community has more to come. It’s about the fact that it would be nice to think. Bethesda over the Fallout MMO. In the end, the universe of TES moved online, why not do the same with other cult RPG Studio? But we did not forget that we could get something like that for a long time. This, however, is an isometric MMO that was supposed to be based on the first parts of Fallout, called Fallout 3.

But this idea was not destined to incarnate, and blame several factors, including mergers and acquisitions. At the initial stage the project was called Van Buren, his many expected, but did not wait. A pity, because of the beautiful mechanics of survival and post-apocalyptic setting.

This civil war in Skyrim

Despite the cult status of this part of the TES, the game still has problems. Apparently, the developers had to make certain compromises when you create.

Among other things, it was planned to create a more believable story connected with the civil war in the region. Initially it was assumed that the player would provide the opportunity to lead the sieges of FORTS and cities, to influence the strategy of warfare, to choose the place and time of the next impact. That is, the enemy had the opportunity to retake the captured lands, and in the quest has been laid down.

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We have to admit that a very cold embraced the theme of war in the game, often paying attention to other aspects. Well, if Bethesda had more resources – time or money – the war would be much more realistic.

Only bosses, only hardcore Bloodborne

If Bloodborne you seem overly complicated game, you should know that the Boss Rush mode. We are talking about how to kill the bosses one by one, without checkpoints.

The idea, of course, that sounds completely insane, but hardcore fans, quite possibly, could be to your taste. But on the other hand, this would mean that to meet the “pet” does not need to Wade through half the game. It is enough to set the proper parameters in the Boss Rush mode that would allow you to train the passage of bosses one after the other. In this sense, the game, on the contrary, becomes simpler. But now we’ll never know, because the Boss Rush so never got to Bloodborne.


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