7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

WhatsApp is probably the most popular messenger in the world. During its existence there are many interesting facts and statistics about it. We present some of them in this article.

1. WhatsApp: curious statistics about the messenger

7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

More than 70 percent of users WhatsApp actively communicate in it every day. But this is not the only interesting statistics about WhatsApp.

  • Through the messenger sent daily 60 billion messages and more 700 million photos. Assuming that the average message size is 150 KB, the total amount of data sent will be about 4,330 terabytes. For comparison: the most capacious in the world disk SSD has a volume of only 60 terabytes.
  • Every day in WhatsApp is registered about one million new users, which, in turn, send countless messages. At the moment, the messenger has more 1.5 billion active users.
  • The average WhatsApp user sends more 1200 messages per month and gets more 0 posts and about 40 photos per month.
  • On average, each user checks WhatsApp for new messages 23 times a day and spends approximately 195 minutes at day to communicate in the messenger.
  • The application itself is downloaded on average 12 times per second.

2. WhatsApp: Financial Statistics

7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

Impressive is not only the number of users WhatsApp. Data on the financial condition of the messenger also lead to astonishment.

  • There is no exact data on the WhatsApp cost. However, Google, according to rumors, offered developers about $ 10 billion, and Facebook eventually paid $ 19 billion for the messenger. However, according to Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp costs much more than they paid for it.
  • Thus, the application at cost exceeds the GDP of some 45 countries around the world. For example, countries like Malta or Iceland, with their GDP of 10 billion and 15 billion dollars respectively, earn less than the cost of the messenger. Even NASA’s annual budget is lower than the WhatsApp price.
  • Although WhatsApp is the most popular messenger, developers did not spend a penny on his advertising. The messenger spread among users
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3. WhatsApp: history of the project

7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

Do you know how appeared WhatsApp? The author of the idea, Jan Kum, came up with an instant messenger on his birthday – February 24, 2009. According to rumors, the idea came to him on a sports field during a game in Frisbee with his friend Brian Acton, with whom he immediately shared his plan.

  • Both co-founders were top executives at Yahoo and often played together in football and frisbee. At one time, both friends were trying to work on Facebook, but failed interviews.
  • Work on the messenger began in a small office in Mountain View, California. Initially, the project was called WhatsZap. Before the acquisition of Facebook, the company had only 55 employees; now there are almost 5800 of them.
  • Getting started was difficult: many bugs, little downloads and countless security holes. But after a few months, the application spread around the world like a forest fire, affecting in one way or another almost every smartphone. In April 2013, the messenger was already 200 million users, and in January 2014 – about 430 million.
  • Despite the success of the application, developers continue to adhere to its original philosophy. They say that Ian Kuma still has a note on his desk with a reminder of the messenger philosophy: “No games, no ads, no tricks” (“No Games, No Ads, No Gimmicks”).

4. WhatsApp: the question of privacy

7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

After the takeover of Facebook, there were rumors that WhatsApp began to monitor their users and store messages on their servers. But this, for the most part, is an empty panic.

  • WhatsApp does not save messages on their servers. They are stored there temporarily, while the delivery is provided, but permanently – only on users’ devices.
  • WhatsApp temporarily stores phone numbers from your address book to be able to display the corresponding contact name. However, they are not transmitted anywhere.
  • Even persistent rumors about the “super-bug” should be treated with caution: in WhatsApp theoretically there is constant access to your microphone, But the application uses it only when you send a voice message or call in WhatsApp.
  • Absolutely reliable messenger, however, is not. For example, compared to other messengers encryption in WhatsApp sufficiently weak. In addition, storing message histories on a user’s smartphone allows interception by viruses or third parties.
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5. WhatsApp: personal statistics

7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

Most WhatsApp users use the service several hours a day. Do you belong to this category, you can learn from personal statistics WhatsApp.

  • Previously, there were free applications WhatStat and Chat statistics for WhatsApp for Android, which showed detailed graphs of your use of the messenger.
  • Currently WhatsApp has blocked access to the application databases, so you can no longer view your data. However, you can still find out the number of emails you wrote and received in WhatsApp. To do this, click Settings in the messenger, select the option Data and storage.

6. WhatsApp: secret extensions7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

For Android users, there are many applications that add useful features to WhatsApp. However, some of them are not supported by developers and have disappeared from Google Play. CHIP has assembled for you APK-packages of several remarkable extensions for the messenger. You can download them directly from the links in the text.

  • With free application DashClock What App Your messages will be displayed on the lock screen. Before installing the extension, first install the application DashClock Widget from Google Play.
  • If you use Facebook Messenger with WhatsApp, you can reply at any time from WhatsApp to their contacts from Facebook. This feature in WhatsApp adds a free extension Dashdow.
  • If you do not have enough emoticons in WhatsApp, you can expand the collection with the help of countless free images. To do this, download the free application WhatSuite.
  • Messenger and Chat Lock adds useful security features for WhatsApp. Set the password on your messenger and thereby protect your messages from strangers.
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7. WhatsApp as an alternative to WebMoney

7 facts about WhatsApp that you do not know

Bank transfers, WebMoney, Qiwi Wallet – electronic payment methods in our world are very popular. And in some countries have already come up with how to use as a means of payment WhatsApp.

  • So, in India with the help of money transfers in WhatsApp you can now pay utility bills.
  • Users from South Asia have access to the so-called UPI payment. With this function, you can transfer money through WhatsApp to friends and family.

Whether such things are available in Russia is not yet known. But the idea is not bad!

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