5 movies games should not have to remove


Especially nervous gamers some of the paintings from the list to watch is not recommended.

5 movies games should not have to remove

Recently in rolling out the film “Rempeydzh”. Responses generally normal, however, many say that the film lacks the crazy and, more simply, “rampage”. Especially given the fact that he refers directly to video games.

Curious fact that in the campaign pictures, the authors do not particularly advertise the connection with video games. And for good reason. We know that not all movies make good video games. The portal Metro gives a list of 5 movies based on video games that shouldn’t be removed, and Gembox share it with you.

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

The pattern can definitely be called a failure if all the key figures involved in its creation, sorry about the fact of her birth. Take the colorful atmosphere of the original game and turn it into a “silly” action-Comedy in the style of cyberpunk — well, it is now obvious that nothing good could not get. I wondered whether this was the authors chance to realize this before releasing the film. Adaptation Of Super Mario Bros. badly tarnished the career of Bob Hoskins who at that time was developing rapidly. He later admitted that this film is one of his major disappointments in life.

Street Fighter (1994)

5 movies games should not have to remove

A year later appeared on the screens no less strange a film based on Street Fighter, which in General is no different from all the other paintings, which were attended by Jean-Claude van Damme in those years. Only this time frame, you can observe plenty of cosplay at different levels of similarity with the original. In the collection of van Damme are pretty good movies (for fighters at the time), but the film adaptation of the Street Fighter should have a different approach.

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Max Payne (2008)

As justification for the paintings in Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter may be the fact that these movies were based on games where the plot isn’t the key element. It can also be regarded as creative freedom, but the authors used this kind of bonus. But Max Payne, by contrast, is a purely subjective game, the film which turned a second-rate Thriller with mark Wahlberg in the lead role. The expression on his face in the trailer perfectly describes the emotions of those who watched this movie — perplexity.

Assassin’s Creed (2016)

5 movies games should not have to remove

The list began to appear pictures, which came out in the relatively recent past. The film adaptation of Assassin’s Creed 2016 promised to be interesting, considering the cast (after all, he Michael Fassbender in the lead role), indie Director, a decent budget. But all this does not matter for film promotion. In the end we got a vague history, the thread of which the end is lost completely. Congestion of the plot, a lot of inconsistencies and lack of clear motivation of the characters put an end to all the virtues of caste, and even the amazing stunt.

Warcraft (2016)

5 movies games should not have to remove

In the same year we saw the film in the iconic franchise of Blizzard. With a budget of more than $160 million, the picture became one of the major disappointments of our time. Many had hoped that this adaptation will forever change the public’s image of the movies based on video games. Alas, this did not happen. In this movie cannot be called disgusting. It is quite normal, is not particularly outstanding product in the style of fantasy. But you understand that gamers were hoping for the emergence of a new immortal series of films like Star Wars, which will tell stories from the world of Warcraft in parallel with WoW, and can be proud of and admire for generations.


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