4 companies that are betting on cloud gaming


According to experts, this market by 2022 will show strong growth.

4 companies that are betting on cloud gaming

The idea of cloud gaming today is difficult to call a new one. It originated in the early 00’s, but then most companies and enthusiasts trying to implement the idea, faced with the problem of low Internet speeds.

In our days, when speed home network connection is qualitatively different from what we had in the beginning of the century, the idea of cloud gaming doesn’t seem so absurd. In theory, this would allow us to play any game at maximum settings, while not having a powerful PC or consoles.

Gamers that would like, because of the lack of suitable games machine — one of the most common obstacles to conquer virtual worlds. Of course, if you are a hardened fan of exclusively retro-titles.

4 companies that are betting on cloud gaming

But here’s what users just have to teach is to rent video games. Despite the fact that services like Netflix, actively promote the distribution of content by subscription among gamers, not all agree with such methods. Many a pleasure to buy copies of games and put in their library, whether it is virtual or physical. Culture collectibles and gaming exist side by side for many years.

But traditions are traditions, and technological development has not been canceled. Cloud gaming is just one of the steps towards a more technological future, which is likely inevitable. According to analysts Research and Markets the market for cloud gaming in the period from 2016 to 2022 will increase from $649 million to $3.25 billion.

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It is assumed that in this period of time, will take the stage (and some will continue the development of existing technologies) a number of tech giants. Among the first candidates listed 4 major companies: Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia and HP.

4 companies that are betting on cloud gaming

Sony at the time bought a lot of companies specializing in streaming gaming. Part of the technology complements the functionality of the native platform to stream games in PlayStation Now. Yes, Sony already provides such a service, and for a long time, from 2015, However, use them at the start was not very comfortable and not too comfortable so far. Yet, despite the technological breakthrough and increase the speed of your Internet connection the average gamer, the lag on FPS and lag kills all the fun from the gameplay. But by 2022, the situation can change dramatically.

Have Nvidia also has a good base technology which allows the company to now provide a variety of streaming functions to its users. The company has analogue PS Now, and the system of streaming games from a PC to a portable console Shield, whose functionality is very similar to Remote Play from Sony. In other words, Nvidia is already ready to provide all the same services for streaming, and Sony, but with a focus on PC gaming.

In addition to the existing players in the market, their piece of the pie in the evolving field of cloud gaming will want to take a bite and the other giants. Among them, Microsoft and HP. And she and the other company, despite the absence of competing with Sony and Nvidia technology, one way or another manifests the ambitions in this area. Microsoft, for example, now allows you to stream Xbox One games on PC, and gaming HP Omen in the face recently introduced its streaming service called Omen Game Stream.

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4 companies that are betting on cloud gaming

Not only large companies remain on the market for cloud gaming, but every year their number is multiplied. However, today this technology is still experiencing some difficulties that technological giants as time to be addressed. But that’s streaming mobile games from the cloud — a task easier, here are already starting to receive decent services.

Recently, for example, there was a Hatch application. It is available only in several European countries, and only on gadgets running Android, but the library now you can find hundreds of mobile games, and they only broadcast to your smartphone, without taking a single bit of disk space.

Mobile games are obviously not only less demanding on the hardware, but the screen resolution. The mechanics are also simpler, and together it makes them easier for the passenger during processing and shipment to travel from the server to the end user, even if the game you are using mobile Internet. Read more about the key issues cloud gaming, and mobile counterparts can be read here.


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