3 heroes who will never be in Dota 2

IceFrog since Dota 2 release, slowly but surely endured heroes from Dota Allstars in a new game. However, there were some characters who until the second part simply did not survive.

A user of Reddit LeGrandJebaiter reminded us names heroes who left to oblivion and will never appear in Dota 2. Press F to pay Respects.

One of these characters was Shaku or Rider.

3 heroes who will never be in Dota 2

Run Down – something similar to the first skill Barathrum Rush and Phantom Lancer. The hero is chased by an enemy unit, every second increasing its speed until it reaches a maximum of muspida.

Bloodrage – old version of the first skill Bloodseeker, which over time has undergone minimal changes.

Backstab – the same nasty passive that increases damage when attacking from behind at the expense of agility. Then gave it to Rikimaru.

Drag – analogue Flaming Lasso from Batrider. On the third level of skill was disabled enemy hero for the whole 8 seconds. Is that even legal?

The hero disappeared from the game in 2004, but some players remember it until now.

“Backstab at Shaku even worked on allies. A + left mouse button. It was so much fun to kill their own teammates”.

Before the grass was greener and disables longer.

3 heroes who will never be in Dota 2
“Rider was gorgeous. Ultimate throw at the enemy, then teleport to the fountain.”

“8 seconds of disable on the third level, what else to say. OsFrog”.


The second character from that list, it seems, decided to remove from Dota Allstars because of an unpronounceable name.

They were Tiourikikaze, The God of Wind, and solar empowerment by looks suspiciously like.

3 heroes who will never be in Dota 2

Tornado Blast – hit an enemy unit rapid tornado, dealing 325 damage and stuns for 1 second and slightly knocks the enemy back.

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Tornado Barrier – creates a powerful barrier of wind, absorbing the first 300 damage dealt to the hero. Later, this skill turned into the shield of ember.

Displace – moves Tiourikikaze in space, allowing him to appear in a random location within 300 AOE and inflict 200 damage in a small area around you. Like uncontrolled Doppleganger Lancer without illusions and with the ability to inflict damage on the region.

Typhoon – summons a great vortex that deals 600 damage to all units in his path and knocking them into the air for 3 seconds. Reminds one of the powers of Invoker, right?

At least in Dota Allstars was not boring characters.

3 heroes who will never be in Dota 2

“Played on Tiourikikaze, his third ability was fun, but terribly stupid. Normal damage could only be on 1 level as AOE skill then only increased. You can easily escape from the chase, jumped over a hill or just as easily get stuck in the trees. And his first ability was the old Morph ability and then turned into one of the elements of Adaptive Strike”.


If you thought the previous two hero’s looked strange, then the third one you do will break the roof.

We present to your attention of the gambling character in Dota Allstars named Maverick he Gambler.

3 heroes who will never be in Dota 2

Ante Up – an ability that allowed you to put the gold on the hero who dies or commits murder. If the target was an ally, then Ante Up and even treated him, if the enemy inflicted minor damage. When the bet worked, Maverick received additional profit.

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Chip Stack – skill inflicts damage as a percentage of the enemy’s supply of gold. It seems that Maverick is easily turned even the most hopeless game.

Roulette – something similar to the old Duma skill LVL? Death. The hero of the contender was applied to 20/25/30/35-fold damage, which is calculated as the value of his level + 4.

Lucky Stars – passive ability that allowed with a probability 5/6/7/8% to instantly kill creep or to inflict 250 damage for the hero or building. Gambler was good and the farm and kill heroes and push.

All In Maverick went for broke and put all their gold to with a high probability to inflict enormous damage on the enemy. In case of failure, the hero lost a random amount of their money.

Even Techies is not such a broken character.

“Maverick is the weirdest crap I’ve seen. This is the only hero, which is, I think, compared to the other characters stands out even more than Techies. None of his skills are similar to skills of other heroes.”

The mystery Valve and Ishraga disclosed.

“Passive of Gambler that allowed you to instantly kill creeps, inherited Crete WK”.

“What are you talking about?! All abilities of Gambler inherited Valve and, to some extent, IceFrog, and they never and with anybody will not share these abilities!”.

Every new patch IceFrog scares players unexpected changes and the ability to return the Miner in CM. But do not forget that the great and terrible Creator Bunkers can spawn an even more terrible monster. Before, judging by the heroes of Dota AllStars, he is easily managed.

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3 heroes who will never be in Dota 2

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