25 basic rules of the pillbox

On reddite tried to create an unofficial set of rules for Dota 2.

It all began with simple truths, without which in DotA not win.

1. Always carry a TP with you.

2. At the beginning of the game, always buy yourself consumables.

3. Everything that you do must have a reason. If you do not know what to do, go beat the creeps.

4. If you are a milisnik – buy Stout Shield.

At some point, it even began to resemble the commandments.

5. Do not take the courier from the teammates, especially from the mider at the beginning of the game.

6. Playing on the support, do not steal farm and experience from their cows.

It was impossible to do without the two most important rules.

7. The Forest Legion sucks.

8. Do not pee Miner.

But the serious attitude of users of reddit lasted not for long.


9. Buy BKB.

“This guy is lying.”

Some jokes were completely indecent. Reddit had already stopped.

10. Try to kill Anderlord and Tidehunter before they use the Ultimate.

The main thing in Dota 2 is to correctly prioritize.

11. If the entire enemy team is dead – immediately go to the farm in the forest. Use the time with benefit!

12. If the store does not have wards, the supporters suck.

13. You – sucks, if you have a bad ratio of murders and deaths. Even if you support and participated in almost every murder.

14. The first one who raises his voice in the chat or writes with the caps, becomes the main culprit of the defeat.

15. You can do everything a pro-player can do. “I saw how EE does it, do not teach me how to play.”

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16. If you were warned about a gang, and you died – your teammates are to blame. They did not come to your aid. Retreat – for the weak.

The rules of etiquette in the pub are also not forgotten.

17. The one with more MMR, picks the Kor-hero.

18. Mider buys a courier. The oldest rule of pubs.

19. If you won in an incredibly complex and sweaty game that lasted more than an hour, you simply have to write “gg ez”.

20. Write to the general chat “?” If you survived after the gank.

21. Constantly ask your opponent to fight 1×1. This will lead him out of moral balance.

22. At the end of the match, block all those who died a lot, regardless of whether they are Nubians or feeders. Or support.

Finally, there are three main rules that will not allow you to drop the DotA.

23. In any defeat, the mider is always to blame. If you were the midshipman, then the teammates who made you take mid-day are to blame.

24. After any match won, persuade the teammates that you have dragged. Belief in yourself is the key to victory.

25. Never blame yourself for defeat – someone else is always to blame.

And what rules do you follow?

25 basic rules of the pillbox


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