14 minutes of hardcore action from Platinum Games World of Demons

IGN on its official YouTube-the channel has been published a 14-minute video geymplenyh World of Demons, in which the producer Andrew Szymanski shared details of the game.

Recall that the development of the World of Demons together with DeNA deals with the Studio Platinum Games (NieR: Automata, Bayonetta).

14 minutes of hardcore action from Platinum Games World of Demons

According to Szymanski, one of the main features of the game is the study of the elements (e.g., air) to your attacks. The elements can be changed during battle and even during combos that you have to do in the later stages of World of Demons.

Also during battle you can call for the help of a friend who plays World of Demons. The character of your friend will appear on the battlefield along with all the upgrades and abilities. After that, each player gets a unique reward.

Previously, the developers were told that, initially, in the World of Demons will have three heroes to choose from, and the number of youkai enemies after defeating them, you can subdue – will do eight dozen. According to Szymanski, the youkai can be obtained through gameplay, so buying in-game currency.

The battle with you can take up to three youkai. Each of them gives the character special abilities and bonuses. In turn, the youkai themselves can improve, which will increase their performance.

In addition, in the World of Demons to forge new and improved old weapons. For this we use special materials that drop from defeated enemies and bosses.

World of Demons will be available free of charge and will be released in the summer of 2018 on iOS and later on Android.


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