100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”

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We disassemble the most large-scale crossover Marvel Studios

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 1

To the biggest blockbuster Marvel, summing up the results of all the previous eighteen paintings, there were also a lot of questions. So that you do not die reading all the hundred in one sitting, we have brought out 20 questions devoted solely to the plan of Thanos and 15 related to the work of the Infinity and Gloves Stones in two separate materials (this article, accordingly, “only” 65). All three articles can be read in any order, so enjoy.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 2

Let me remind you that “inconvenient questions” should not be understood as unequivocal claims to the film. This is just a list of logical holes and white spots that we have noticed and that it is interesting to reflect on the correction / filling. And this is not only my personal speculation, some questions and versions are taken from the posts and videos of other fans, some from your own comments. If you look at them from the point of view of Hollywood reality, the answers are simple: it was cut, because timekeeping is not rubber, this one did not win, because the film would not have been, this one was gone because the actor did not renew the contract. But if you look from the point of view of the world of a car-like one, it makes sense to ask “Where is the army?”, For example.

It’s not an attempt to find a deep sense in comic-movie or seriously demanding an ideal blockbuster from an entertaining blockbuster, it’s not an attempt to suck a fan, on the contrary – we just want to extend and deepen the pleasure of the picture by testing all its nodes for strength.

And yes, this, in fact, is only half the story, so many questions can be answered with continuation, but this is not a reason not to ask them next year.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 3

Attack on Thor’s ship

1. Why all the decisions of Ragnarok, in fact, abolished?

Rousseau did not like the movie Vaitichi? The public seems to have accepted it with a bang, but then we see that all the decisions of the third “Torah” are reversed. There, Thor loses his eyes-then he is returned to him again. What for? With the bandage Thor brutal, and she personifies for the viewer his grief for Odin, recalls him. He managed to run without the half-film’s eye in the amount, why then was it even knocked out?

The Torah was left without a hammer and explained that without it, it is almost steeper with its lightning. Here again he can hardly use them, they forced him to make a new hammer – now he is with him again. Without a hammer, he managed to run for 5 minutes. It also looks ridiculous.

Thor finally made peace with Loki for real. They lost their father, it brought them together, created a new interesting dynamics, Loki could become an Avenger. He is immediately killed. And, I suppose, this time for good.

Thor rescued part of the population of Asgard (which was already a little bit), in order to rebuild it. He mentions later that Thanos interrupted half of the Asgardians on the ship, that is, the second half survived? But how? The ship at the end of the Thanos destroys the Stone of Power, Thor is the only one the Galactic Guards collect from the wreckage. Where did the surviving Asgardians escape, how does Thor know that they are alive?

Or did he mean that half of Asgard had died from Hela, and Thanos had finished the remaining half? If so, the finale of “Ragnarok” is completely circus – everyone saved, we fly to meet the new house, full of hope – they are immediately caught by Thanos and kills everyone. “Ragnarok” is now impossible to review – this is the story of a complete feil, Asgard burned, the population was put under attack and now Asgard is completely destroyed. Thor really was left alone.

In principle, to cancel or hastily rewrite the lines started in past films, completely draining the significance of the choice made, especially those that promised to change the status quo, in the best traditions of the studio. And this is one of her most vile traditions. Tony blows up all the costumes and promises no longer to be heroic – at the beginning of the next movie he is dressed and heroes, explanations – zero. Parker refuses the Iron Spider suit – after ten minutes of The Infinity War he puts it on, Peter wanted to wait with big deeds and joining the Avengers, an hour later – he’s been assigned to the detachment. On a spaceship flying to the homeland of the most dangerous villain – and it’s not just a matter of “well, it turned out by the circumstances”, the roles change again – Tony drives him home again, and Spider, who says he’s early, says it’s foolish to try to stay aside. If so, you could go to the press conference in the “Return Home.”

The captain and Tony remained bloody enemies after the “Grazhdanka” and, in principle, for serious reasons, such wounds are not easy to heal – but here Tony behaves like a three-year-old boy, pouting at his friend for a stifled leg. “We do not talk.”

Banner was afraid to turn into the Hulk again, because he felt that he could dissolve in it without a trace and not return – this also does not lead anywhere. Turns, when necessary, and back too. With such an attitude toward his own promises, Marvel may well start “The Avengers 4” from the scene where Parker, Strange, Panther and others quietly chew shawarma, pretending that they did not die at the end of the previous film.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Picture 4

2. Why did Heimdall not see the approach of Thanos?

In theory, he sees everything in nine worlds. But at the same time he missed the ship of Thanos, as well as his threat in general – he could see the destruction of Xandar, for example. Perhaps too distracted to the death of his homeland.

3. Valkyrie, Corg and Miek are dead?

Thor collected his “revenge” – we do not even see them among the corpses at the beginning of the “War of Infinity”. What became of them was not clear. If they slipped away, like half Asgard, then thank you, the film, that did not show such a non-essential scene.

4. Loki’s greed, it turns out, ruined the remnants of Asgard?

Loki is the god of bad luck. Tesseract lay in Asgard without work, nobody was needed, it was worth Loki to seize it simply from chronic kleptomania, he immediately stumbles upon the space gopnik. Maybe, for some reason, Thanos was afraid to climb into Asgard himself (although Hela was not afraid, and she spread everything there, and the titanium, in theory, will be stronger, even with one stone, he has the Order and the army), so I just announced just now because I saw that Tesseract left Asgard, and decided to intercept him.

But yes, it turns out that if it were not for Loki’s kleptomania, everyone would have been alive, Thanos would have been looking for the Stone in the wreckage of the destroyed world, and Thor would have safely taken the people away somewhere where they could found the new Asgard.

5. Why Loki * pulled out Tesseract* if he just distracted attention for the Hulk attack?

He could not just swallow Thanos, start an angry speech about how he and the Titan worked together and he did not support him, did not get him out of Asgard’s prison? It does not matter that it makes little sense, but tirades would last for 5-10 seconds to discourage titanium. But firing your main trump card – why?

6. Loki – krivoruky?

When the Hulk attacks, Loki rushes to his brother so that he will not be demolished by the fighting. Ronning at the same time Tesseract and not picking it after. Only the Stone of Infinite, because of which you are all here and lay.

7. Why does Loki not use Tesseract to get off the ship?

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Grab your brother and fut – after Banner. Or is Loki not cool enough to activate the Stone with his bare hands? Need some device with an interface to open portals?

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 5

8. Why did the Hulk lose the battle with Thanos?

It seems obvious, they are comparable in strength, but the Hulk never learned to fight, there was no need, enough brute force. Thanos simply bypassed its speed, experience and, most importantly, technology. He moved like a boxer, methodically and confidently, while Green just waved his arms. But this raises another question:

9. The Hulk in the cable car does not become stronger from anger?

The main feature of Hulk in comics is not that he is strong, but that he is potentially infinitely strong. The more you hit him, the more he gets stung, the more and more he becomes – until he overcomes the enemy. This does not happen here.

The blows of Thanos are not so much beating him as discouraging, but still. Previously, this moment was unclear – maybe it gets stronger, maybe not – the Hulk managed it. Here it becomes obvious that this could help, but it did not help. Apparently, this perk in the cable car he does not. It is fixed strong.

10. Why does Thor not strike with lightning?

He again forgot that he is not the god of the hammers? When the Hulk falls, Thor hits Thanos with some kind of rod, without the slightest effect. Why not lightning? Too exhausted? Already tried at the beginning (which we did not see) and did not help? It looks very strange without explanation. Like a formidable fighter, in “Ragnarok” also pumped up to Reiden, but then merges clean, first behind the scenes, then in the frame.

11. Why does Heimdall send one Banner to the earth?

What a strange choice? The Guardian of the Bridge realizes that it will cost him his life, but decides to save Banner, with whom he is barely familiar? If he can send only one, why not his own king, the Torah? But why not all at once? The bridge was quite free to ferry several. You can capture Torah, Loki, and Banner, and yourself. Maybe only Banner is close enough, maybe the bridge will not work on the Torah because it’s locked, but leaving it completely without explanation was a swinishness.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 6

12. Where did Heimdall learn the address of Sanctum Sanctorum?

The guard of the bridge sends the Hulk straight to Strange’s lobby. Even if Thor did not know the Doctor until recently, where does Heimdall know about him from the sanctuary? Throw him a parcel in the park to Tony and Pepper – it would cause fewer questions.

If these are all his magic eyes, and he has been watching the Earth Guard for a long time, then it would be better if he looked the other way and did not miss Thanos. About the titan Heimdall warned Tor only in visions (when Odonson went swimming in a puddle in the “Altron of the Altron” and he was shown a trailer for future films), but very foggy and stupid. That is, only this time, when it was, in fact, not the Guardian himself, but his image, the creation of the imagination of the Torus, warning himself of the danger.

13. Loki is an idiot?

God of deceit and duplicity, a trickster with a thousand years of experience … decides to swear allegiance to Tanos, who was already betrayed and who just received proof that Loki now values ​​his brother, and then immediately try to stab the titan with a dagger. A more absurd attempt could not be expected from a first-grader. If you are a deceiver, think of something more convincing, do not risk your life and your brother’s life for such a hopelessly dumb trick.

Loki in general is often exposed as an idiot in recent films.

In Ragnarok he somehow suggested that the guard should run across the bridge and warn about the return of the flying Tor faster than Thor himself would arrive. Loki looks out of the absurd poses from the school theater, teaches self-esteem, fights with plastic daggers and comically scares the Hulk, whose presence on the planet for several years remained a secret to him, despite the fact that there is green symbolism and merchandise everywhere.

And even after all this, the scene with Thanos became the apotheosis of his dementia and worthlessness. Because it leads to his death. Ostensibly final. Was it not better to kill him when he overshadowed his brother or refused to give Tesseract? Let him at least die like a hero, having done everything in his power, and not as an idiot, unable to read the situation.

Maybe here, too, behind the imaginary idiocy lies a cunning twist (as later with Strange). Maybe Loki again created a double, which he gave to kill (as later Thanos himself with Gamorra), but it is unlikely that this will save the whole idea from the general delusions.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 7

Attack on Vigen and Strange

14. Is the Strange an idiot?

The magician felt that Asgard would fall and Thor lose everything, only taking the “god of hammers” by the hand in Ragnarok, but at the same time the Doctor did not feel the imminent threat to the whole Earth, the universe and himself personally? The day before he disintegrated by a heap of ash, Strange jokes about food and clamps a couple of bucks to treat a friend a sandwich.

His job is to protect the world, reality as such, and he overslept, although it seems as if he has much more opportunities to detect threats. Thanos did not hide himself, he mowed the worlds methodically, he began to collect Stones – no echoes of thousands of deaths came to Strange? He as Yoda or Obi Wan could not feel the death cries of millions of living beings?

15. Why did not Strange track other Stones?

Sorcerers clearly know about the Stones everything, Wong even prepared a presentation in the magical power point, it came out even better than the Collector’s. So why did not Strange care about protecting the rest of the Stones? At least the Stone of Vision? I would have put on my forehead a “simple, but quite inviolable spell” – all reinsurance.

The doctor pricked himself up even from Loki’s tricks on Earth, immediately went to the Torah, sent him where he needed, and then the threat was much more obvious, but he ignored it. Like, I have my Stone – I’ll guard it, let the rest of you still.

16. Why did not Strangel look to the future before?

In its place, one should look there every morning after a shower and coffee – will there be traffic jams, is it worth pulling an umbrella, will not the kirdyk come to half the universe for lunch?

Let’s say wizards prefer not to disturb the Eye in vain and not to climb into the continuum for any sneeze, and then the continuum will fall apart. Therefore, the Doctor decides to look at 14 million 605 options for the future only on Titan, when it is clear that the risk of breaking time is justified.

17. Why is the only one who can find Vizhen – is it a cap?

Clearly, they needed a reason to drag Rogers to the screen, but logic is not clear. Why not call Wanda? She has no direct connection with her, only through Rogers, because she’s on his team?

If you do not want to call Cap, why can not you find Wanda through Hawkeye, because he’s sitting at home. And their relationship with Wanda is warmer than between Wanda and the other Avengers, in theory. The archer dedicated it.

In general, the connection between Vigen and Captain is not immediately visible.

18. Why is Vigen so useless?

The Android can be called the most powerful Avenger. He is equal in strength to the Torah, even using his hammer, but in addition he knows how to include disembodiment, laser bullets and so on. And yet in the film he does the least.

The stone warns him of the danger in advance, but when she is a couple of meters away – he does not even turn around, gets hit with an ax and becomes a cripple for the whole movie. At the request of the writers, the ax is cut down by the ability to “phase”, go into disembodiment. Ability to stand on your feet, too. The beam of his laser is also easily leveled by a convenient prism, this ends our superhero.

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If the script had not castrated Vigen, it would probably not have been a movie – he could have coped with all. With him, at the same time zanerfili Strange and Hulk, so that the rest did not look useless schoolchildren.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Picture 8

The Way to Titan

19. Why do earthlings and aliens understand each other?

Thor and Sentinels – okay, Thor in space is not the first time, he should know a common language, but the rest?

James Gunn in some interview talked about the presence of all the built-in translator, which closes this logical hole, but in the paintings about him not a word. Just the whole universe speaks English, do not think about it. In addition Grut.

But even a megadget does not explain everything. The children of Thanos and he could speak with their victims in English, they knew where they were going, but here are the Watchmen and Tony with the company on Titan – in which language does Starlord address them with the phrase “All calm down fuck”? Why do they understand it? He did not know that it was earthlings, that the English-speaking people – especially, in theory, he had to yell at the “cosmolingua”. Did the gadget-translator manage to hear Parker yelling “do not put eggs in me” and determined the language in advance?

And yes, if everyone has a mega-translator, why did not Starlord understand Gruta from the beginning, why then are the Guardians surprised at how Groot understands Thor – and why he had to take a course at the university for this? Is Grutsky too complicated for a translator?

20. Why do earthlings normally breathe the atmosphere of the alien ship and the destroyed Titan?

Clearly, this is another concession to the plot, all beings in the Marvel universe courteously accepted the Earth’s atmosphere as the gold standard, and put artificial gravity on the unit, despite the fact that their native planets could not have exactly the same conditions. Anthropocentrism.

21. Does Ebony not notice the “hares” on the ship?

No security system that tells you that a stranger made his way to the ship? Burned the skin, left a hole. Even a few strangers – and they are chatting in a full voice right above Mo’s head.

22. Did the hole left by Tony manage to patch the ship?

If not, what did all the air in it not suck, like a hole pierced Tony later to kill Ebony?

23. Ebony Mo was not able to escape from vacuum sucking?

Yes, it was sudden, but he was a telekinetic, he could close a hole or drag something to himself, for which one can grasp, his reflexes worked much better before that.

24. Is there any Leia Poppins?

And why could not Ebony with his telekinesis, like Leia – the Force, drag himself back to the ship, maybe to another gateway?

25. Why did Eboni freeze so quickly?

The vacuum already hit Quill, Gamora, Yonda and only the last one died. They were not freezed to freeze, in space it is difficult to lose heat – there is no environment that takes energy, there is more concern about the lack of pressure of the atmosphere, because of which the air is knocked out of the lungs – it is impossible to hold your breath. But Mo instantly turns into ice.

Maybe his race is somehow particularly vulnerable to a vacuum, maybe they were flying some very bad sector at that moment, but without crutches such death can not be explained.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"

100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 9


26. Why did Thor make such an impression on the Guardians?

Drax and Gamora admire his muscles, Mantis his tragedy, and even Qwill feels jealousy rather than suspicion towards him. But the main thing is how this Rocket so quickly gets to him with friendly feelings and even care (sympathetic looks, an eye for a gift), is eager to help – it’s not much like a closed cynical raccoon, who always thought only of himself.

Yes, the death of Yonda could have affected him, but he would rather have treated his friends better than would have thrown himself at the head of the first comer. Maybe Thor is not a god of lightning, but a god of charisma? Look how everyone has sunk it.

27. Why did you take the neutron star?

If you needed a star in the final stages of evolution (“dying”), you would take one of the multicolored dwarfs: white, black, brown – with them it would be easier to work with. They are more like stars. It would have been logical to build a dwarf around the dwarf.

A neutron star or pulsar is a superdense object, a huge brick with a nucleus of neutrons. Dense enough that a little more – and collapse into a black hole. Does not allow him to collapse only the pressure of nuclear matter, which arises from the interaction of neutrons. Imagine a ball with a radius of 10-20 kilometers unhappy, which in this case has the mass of our Sun. It glows very weakly, the pulsars have a very subtle atmosphere (literally, a couple of meters) from the red-hot plasma, but it’s not too much like Nidavellir’s flashes. They are at least a kilometer.

It emits a pulsar for the most part in the X-ray and radio bands, that is why it is unclear for the visible rays of energy from it to go to the boiler.

Why it was necessary to take the type of a star that is as far from our idea of ​​the stars as possible, and then draw it as an ordinary star – it is unclear even more so.

28. Did they tame the star to … put a kettle on it?

Gnomes build a colossal in scale and complexity of construction, reminiscent of the Dyson Sphere, manage to focus the energy of the celestial body – and all this in order to melt the metal? It’s obviously already melted something and poured ingots of it, also a star? Or was it possible not to show off and melt at the stake?

This is not even the clogging of nails with a microscope, this is the construction of a collider that encircles the entire planet, in order to push two Easter eggs in it and find out whose stronger.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"

100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 10

29. How did Thor not fall into a star?

I recall – the mass of the Sun, the attraction of the Sun. The torus is practically on the surface of a pulsar. He did not just have to fall on him, but smear into the gruel. Although it is not easy to fall on a pulsar due to the absolutely insane speed of its rotation and strong magnetic field – the gruel would longly be in orbit until it would not have glass, finally, on the surface at one of the poles.

30. How did Thor withstand radiation?

I do not know what was glowing there, maybe the gnome mechanism somehow makes the pulsar release its already poor plasma layer (this is more or less similar to the plasma flow), but in the first place, Thor would receive a full charge of X-rays and with it a radiation an infection of such magnitude that you would not have received even living in an X-ray machine for a couple of thousand years.

Suppose Thor is a god and experienced it. But it will shine so that everyone around him will earn cancer. That is, the final of the film is even sadder – even those who survive will die. Rocket, Cap, Widow – cancer, cancer, cancer.

31. How did the clothes survive?

Usually in such scenes clothes are burned. Type of rebirth Deyneris. And hair too. This allows us to show clearly how strong the heat was and how unique the hero is – clothes scattered instantly, and his body – unscathed.

If it really was a stream of plasma or just an energy ray – the clothes had to be incinerated. We were ashamed.

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32. By the way, what did the armless dwarf eat all this time?

As we have already analyzed in a separate block of questions about the plan of Thanos, it turns out that the dwarf could have stuck on the bare Stone for 4 years, or even more. What did he eat there? Than in general these dwarfs used to grow – nothing can grow there. Canned food? If so, it could be difficult to open them without hands. Did they regularly order pizza? If they were constantly supplied with supplies, it would have been known for a long time about the genocide from couriers and it is doubly strange that Asgard was not aware of all this time.

33. And where are the bodies of three hundred dwarfs?

I’m afraid this may be the answer to the previous question.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 11

Fight on Titan

34. Why does Strange give the Stone of Time for Tony?

Gradually I reconciled myself with the answer, but initially this moment knocked me out of the film, and many of you still can still worry him.

Strange repeatedly repeats that he will protect the Eye of Agamotto at all costs, not regretting anyone, sacrificing the life of Tony or Spider, if necessary. And then does the opposite.

Strange is the biggest goat of our heroes, he’s a cold-blooded egoist and does not particularly value other people’s lives. Tony knows less than a day, and they do not like each other very much. The two Sherlock are too similar to meet. Not only beards.

That’s why the act looks far-fetched. But then it comes to you that the Doctor gives away the Stone only because that’s what he did in the fourteen million six hundred and fifth variant, the only one leading to victory. To lose, Thanos must win – that’s what Strange saw.

Familiar for the “Ragnarok” idea, to destroy Asgard to save him.

And this removes the question of the strange choice to save Tony, as well as many others. Why did not Strange cut off Thang’s hand or head with a portal like Wong? Why did not you warn about Quile’s hysteria, which spoiled everything? Why did not I use the Time Loop, finally, as with Dormach or any other Eye of Agamotto chip? And so on. We must believe that he tried all this and this as a result did not give anything. Very convenient storyline – no matter what the question, the answer is one – he tried and got worse. And yet, some questions remain:

35. And what could be worse?

Let’s say that Strange does something to prevent Qwill from spoiling everything – he cuts it down or calms it down. The glove they have, Thanos is off, they can kill him. How is this option worse, something that happened?

Or Strange cuts off his arm with a portal – Thanos does not just lose a glove, he loses the ability to use it in the future – without the hand. And on his right hand to wear a glove with his left hand is unlikely to come out.

Either way, there are obvious options for what Strange could do to ensure that they were robbed of the glove. What did not you like about the Doctor?

They did not dare to kill Thanos and he returns in a couple of years again and this time kills everyone, returning the glove and clicking anyway? Or does one of the heroes wear a glove, go crazy from power and instead of killing half the universe, like Gendalf with the Ring of Omnipotence, go to force right and left? Or do heroes get a glove, but they can not save it – a new villain appears and takes possession of it, again condemning the universe to even more terrible trials?

It all sounds very tense. Strange could just provide them with victory in the battle and getting a glove, instead he decided to play a grandmaster (“We’re already in the endgame, Tony”) and trade it for the option where they lose, Thanos will wipe out half of the universe with the Doctor himself, and then , apparently, somehow everything will work out itself. The number of assumptions to which we are offered blindly to believe is off scale.

In short, the conclusion is that they could be guaranteed a glove here – it was enough to knock Qwill on the head or to fill Tanos’s mouth with a web. All. But this, judging by Strange’s actions, was still not enough to win in the end somehow.

The future resulting from the victory of Thanos in general for some reason seemed Strange more attractive than where they take away his glove. But viewers can not even imagine in general terms why – too little information.

100 uncomfortable questions to the film "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"100 uncomfortable questions to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. – Image 12

36. If the Stone of Time allows you to look to the future, then Thanos can now see how he will be defeated, and prevent it?

It can destroy Strange’s plan on idea. Or maybe the plan is just to let Tanos win so easily that he does not even think about looking into the future and checking the weather forecast. Or is it that the click so destroys the glove so that Thanos simply could no longer use the Stone of Time.

Either Strangel was not afraid that Thanos would see the future, and how exactly the heroes would win … because Thanos would not be against this victory.

My current version – if Rousseau is really in love with the titanium and want to make his arch as cool as possible in the second part, then the world will not be saved by the heroes, but by Thanos himself. For example, he will understand that without Gamora all this is meaningless, empty, one life costing more than a million utopias, which he supposedly created.

Or the titanium will see that its megaplan has not worked and there are no utopias – it has broken the universe and everywhere there is one devastation. Either a new villain like Galactus will come and Thanos will have to resurrect all the Avengers and Wardens killed by him, so that he can pile up Galactus with them. In comics, this happened – the glove was captured by the besieged Nebula and Thanos had to fight with her on the side of the Avengers.

If this is the whole point – that Thanos himself must save the world from his act, then it explains why Strange did not cut off his hand, for example. But it’s all too ephemeral, a ghostly pitchfork on the water written.

37. Why does Starlord lose all the charm in the context of the Avengers?

I do not know, perhaps this is my personal impression, but Starlord was extremely unsympathetic among the other characters. While he is the main character of his team, he works. Here, Quill looked infantile, dull and impulsive – that is, as he always was, only here it suddenly ceased to be nice and began to irritate.

Everyone has already complained about how ridiculous and miserable the Widow looks at the background of companions with superpowers, but Starlord has strained me even more in this regard. All superheroes here are unique, Tony and Rocket not only use gadgets, but they themselves invent, for example. Qwill simply fires from pistols, flies on the jetpack and throws gravels – quite a serial sample.

Suppose he is clever and smart, but for some reason I did not have enough. Pistols – it’s somehow quite boring in the background of the fireworks of uniqueness around. They should have left him at least a bit of his father’s supersil, the genes were not lost anywhere, the source of strength was gone – maybe Quill can at least a little, but generate himself. This at least gave him his chip, which no one else – the ability of Celestial, albeit greatly diluted.

The writers unambiguously feel this subsidence and are struggling to compensate for it, showing that Starlord can compete on an equal footing


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