10 games that you can go without a single murder

10 games that you can go without a single murder

Modern gaming is full of violence. Some, of course, find the reasons or reflections of real problems in society, but for most people it’s just a great way to let off steam and relax the brain after a hard day’s work, and no more. Scientists have not proven the harmful influence of video games on the psyche, so “rash bi, may, friend, dont stap!”, As they say.

Large (and not very) titles today offer us a huge variety of tools to crack down on virtual opponents. This and modern firearms, and futuristic lasers, and medieval halberds, and even the magic of all possible varieties. But nevertheless there are among gamers and amateurs to pass games peacefully, without killing opponents. Thanks to this, a whole trend in gaming, called Pacifist Run, was born, that is, the passage of games without killing.

Not all games, of course, are suitable for this, but some developers in the level design try to take into account preferences as adherents of more traditional methods of achieving the ultimate goal, as well as convinced pacifists. Portal WhatCulture has collected ten of these titles, and Gamebox is happy to share this list with you.

Ultima VI

10 games that you can go without a single murder

Just a few games of the Ultima series are suitable for fans to leave enemies alive. In Ultima IV, for example, the player was given special bonus points for this. However, Ultima VI is ideally suited for pacifist races, as the whole campaign of the game can be passed without killing any enemy.

Fallout 3

10 games that you can go without a single murder

The games of the Fallout series are famous for their freedom of choice and the ability to win back the role that you most like. Whether you believe in this fact or not, but Fallout 3 can really go completely, without killing anyone. If there is a desire – try it, get a lot of fun. It will be difficult, but it’s a great chance to test your sharpness. The only opponent that you still have to overcome is the cockroach at the beginning of the game, but even then exclusively within the framework of training.

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Postal 2

10 games that you can go without a single murder

Postal 2 is considered one of the most absurd and violent games in history. Here you can set fire to elephants, play golf with severed heads and use cats as a muffler, so the game was safely banned in a number of countries. However, and it is, surprisingly, possible to go without a single murder. The key to this is an electric shocker, which can be found near the starting location.

Perfect Dark

10 games that you can go without a single murder

Technically, Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter, but you do not have to shoot to go through it. Moreover, it’s even interesting to try to go through all the levels, playing the role of a first-class secretive spy, because it fits perfectly with the history of Joanna Dark.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

10 games that you can go without a single murder

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the developers gave the player the opportunity to go through quite large parts of the game without killing enemies. But in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pacifism is brought to perfection. Here you can go through the whole game, including the bosses, without resorting to the use of firearms or sharp blades of Adam Jensen.


10 games that you can go without a single murder

In the list WhatCulture there is also one more title, so respected among fans of pacifist passages of the game. Dishonored does not just allow you to do this, but also encourages pacifism. In the game there are several ways to get past the enemies unnoticed, or “cut” them without resorting to murder. In addition, the best ending, according to the editors WhatCulture, is available to those players who decided to go through the game peacefully.

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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

10 games that you can go without a single murder

The Metal Gear Solid series of games has always been famous for the opportunity to bypass the enemies, instead of killing them. Among fans of this gameplay, the creations of the legendary Hideo Kojima are highly appreciated. However, in most parts of the series of bosses still had to be killed, but Metal Gear Solid 4, for the joy of pacifists, you can go completely without killing, and the game will generously reward you for this feat.

Mark of the ninja

10 games that you can go without a single murder

The very concept of “Ninja” means the one who hides. Not surprisingly, Mark Of The Ninja can be passed without killing enemies, and secretly making their way between them, like a real warrior of shadows. Developers have worked on the glory, giving players the opportunity to choose the style of passage, down to the most peace-loving. But if you want, you can set on the enemy insects eating flesh. In a word, everything is in your hands.

Thief: The Dark Project

10 games that you can go without a single murder

The whole purpose of the existence of the Thief series of games is to follow how to get used to the role of a thief and avoid meeting enemies in all possible ways, deftly eluding them. Thief became one of the first representatives of stealth games, where sound and light play a huge role in the passage. Here you will need the skills of tactical thinking and the ability to think through your actions five turns ahead, rather than the ability to swing the sword to the right and left.

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10 games that you can go without a single murder

Like a number of other participants in the list WhatCulture, Undertale not just allows you to completely pass the game without sacrifice, but also encourages players for it. Pacifism is traced in the very slogan of the game, which says that this is a peace-loving RPG, where it is not necessary to kill someone. The best ending is available to those gamers who can go through the whole game without harming anyone, including bosses.


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